1.Technical Assistance -

One of the most important member service NRLA provides is to answer your lending questions whether with help understanding the regulations, sorting out the differences in interpretations of regulations between states, updates on policies, procedures or Administrative Notices, the answers and advocacy is only a phone call away.

2. Regulation and  policy Clarity -

Our staff and Board Members have many years of combined experience in USDA Guaranteed Lending. We have years of building relationships at all levels within the USDA from the state level to regional personnel and all levels in Washington DC. We will do our very best to get all the answers to questions raised by our members.

3. Local advocacy -

We will work with our members to solve problems at the state and regional levels in a continued effort to see that the regulations and procedures are consistently interpreted and followed from state to state.

4. Publications -

NRLA will assist in keeping its members updated on changes occurring in the industry including legislative alerts, lending issues, and up to date Administrative Notices coming out of Washington. We will also distribute weekly updates to the Farmer Mac II Rate Sheets as they become available.